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Wondering how we got started? One day two friends were sitting around the apartment. Friend number one said, “Hey I want to learn how to play this game called D&D, have you played?” Friend number two “Oh yeah I’ve been playing for years with some other friends” Friend number one “Great! How do you play?” Friend number two “ummmmmmm… great question I roll a dice and the DM tells me what to do?” Both look down, friend number one. “Let’s find a place and learn how to play.”

Those two friends were my (now) husband and I when we first started our journey into tabletop gaming. We wound up finding a local shop and met another person who was not only an excellent Game Master but became our Gaming Mentor. He taught us so much about tabletop gaming. We quickly found ourselves relating most things in life to either Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the Gathering. We also started to see we could relate other Tabletop games or life situations to one or both of these games.

Our gaming mentor wound up buying a game shop that was all about Tabletop Games that we help support as much as we can. By this point, we learned so much from him that we started volunteering time at his shop. We still jump in without being asked if he is busy and unable to get to a new customer who walked in and we are not busy. 

One of the biggest things we kept hearing was “how do you play _____ Game '' Fill in the blank with a tabletop game D&D, MTG, Mysterium, etc... I remember one day I realized there had to be other people in the world that had the same questions as the people walking into this shop, this became one of many driving forces that started us talking about creating a place where others can learn. Thus we started talking about building this website. It has taken time but we are finally here!


We want to Improve people's story, one game at a time!

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Because everyone has a story. 

Some are of warmth, joy, and laughter. While others of elegance, fame, and fortune. Perhaps Dedication, fortitude, and heroism. There are also stories of pain, loss, and sorrow. Cold, torment, destruction.

Stories in between, sharing both love and loss.

Some are short-lived finding their way into the sands of time only to be instantly swallowed by them. While others seem to hold fast weathering time and remain for what feels like forever.

Each story is unique, precious, and has value! Though its value is not always immediately known. It is a story worth knowing, and we wish to know it and be a part of it!

Our story is a shared story touching every life it reaches, becoming a new story of its own. Even the briefest of brushes can change a story forever, sometimes in ways, we will never truly know.

We want to have a shared story that helps people learn and grow using games as the medium to do so. 


We have had so many Tribe members, Family, Friends, and Strangers give love and support that it only made sense to create a space for them and the wonderful support given.

Sometimes it came in the form of being a sounding board, giving opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Other times it was the emotional support that kept me pushing on when it felt easier to give up.

Most especially though Thank You! YES, YOU! the person reading this because without you supporting us, the vision, the mission, all of it no matter how much or little you wind up adding you have added to the story of Table Talks Games and that is a very important thing. Without you, this all goes away. Disappearing quietly into the night, becoming lost in the sands of time never to be heard from again. As you are reading this though you are allowing the Table Talks Games story to grow and in this way, this spot is about you!

You have our deepest and most heartfelt


Even more to say a special thank you too!!!

(None of these people sponsor us we just have interacted with these people and had really good experiences so we would recommend them all day long!)


The Nova Luna team made this beautiful website for Table Talks and worked with me through the whole process and gave me more than I knew to ask for! Team Nova Luna is amazing!

Nova Luna can be found at:


JB took several of the beautiful photos on this page! Technically it was for Black Neko’s and my wedding but hey we made our lives about gaming and our wedding was no different. So it felt like it fit regardless. He is willing to take photos of more than just weddings as well.

The only one not taken by JB is the one of our tribe.

The tribe photo was taken by our tribe so we are unfortunately missing members of our tribe in this photo but we still wanted to represent it! 

JB can be found at:


Love those beautiful fluffy ears Neko and I wear? You can thank the glorious people of I hate leeks! They are so amazing we keep coming back to them year after year for their beautiful craftsmanship. I mean we finally retired the first pair after 5 years of near 24 hour wear.

I hate leeks can be found at:


I have had so many wonderful people on a few different discord servers (Mostly Game Dev hang out and VLDL) give such a wonderful helping hand when I was trying to figure out how to draw stuff or had questions about game creation. They would point me towards helpful tutorials or just reach out and help themselves if they could. I am so grateful to all of them!


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Hello! I am Foxxy aka AJ of Table Talks Games! 

I am creative! I love to create things with whatever medium I can manipulate. Sometimes this takes the shape of physical items other times it takes the form of non-physical items such as words and imagination. Though some things come across as better spoken than written. Ideas that flow through one's mind. Small metal rings, clay, and so much more! Transforming them from lifeless blobs to beautiful stories, theater of the mind, items to hold! 

My goal is to breathe life into whatever I can and see what happens!

I am also the current driving force behind Table Talks Games

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BlackNeko is my husband, my familiar, my sounding board, and pretty much whatever else I need to get everything up and running! While right now he is more in the background than actively working on this. There are plans to bring him on board to help out more as Table Talks Games expands.

Look for this to update and change as he takes on a bigger role!

Granted without him there would be no Table Talks Games so credit where credit is due and why he is included on the about us page!


Meadows Wedding the tribe.jpg

I know what you are thinking, what is "local game shop" doing on an about us page? And what is The Tribe?


Our local game shop is where we learn our craft. We learn about and playtest games. Our shop specifically cares about its community first and has a bit of retail on the side to support it.

The core group has become known as the tribe.

Members of our tribe help playtest, troubleshoot ideas, and support this endeavor in every way shape, and form they can. So while not directly a part of this they very much influence everything you see on Table Talks Games.

Go forth and support your local game shop! You never know what kind of community you might be able to build from it!


Send a quick email to and I will get back to you as quickly as I can!



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